SAIL 2015

Crowd sensing and crowd management pilot at SAIL2015

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The research team from TU Delft and DAT.Mobility worked on intelligently fusing data about pedestrian flows from different types of sensors (wifi, gps, counting cameras) to estimate crowd densities, travel speeds and flows at different routes of SAIL.

Open social media platforms were crawled and analysed to get insight into the demographics and sentiments of people at different hotspots of SAIL during the event. The collected data and state estimates can be used for more advanced and efficient crowd management support in the future.

At SAIL 2015 we focused on testing new sensor technologies, crowd data algorithms and analytics and assessed their usefulness and reliability. This gave us insight into how we can improve crowd management of large events in cities in the future and provide visitors and citizens a more pleasurable experience.

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Experimental Terrain

GPS Trackers Video

Social Media Activity Video

Project Partners

AMS Institute


Gemeente Amsterdam