AMS Social Bots

Text-based Conversational Agents for City Scale Events

The AMS Social Bots project aims at the design, development, and real-world testing of a novel solution for citizens’ interaction and awareness during city-scale events, by means of social conversational agents (social chatbots).

The project will develop a Social Bot Engine, a Web-enabled application that interacts with Citizens (by means of traditional chat applications like Telegram, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger) to support decision-making processes (e.g. to decide whether to attend a given event) that involves the satisfaction of an information need (e.g. information about the crowdedness of the event area) and solicit data about a given event (i.e. crowdsensing), or answer information needs from other users; Crowd Management Systems, to retrieve historical and real-time data about the pedestrian traffic during a city-scale event; Data Processing Systems, e.g. SocialGlass, to integrate, to analyze, and to aggregate data from heterogeneous data sources, including Social Media; and Human Computation Platforms, e.g. Amazon Mechanical Turk, to interact with crowds of anonymous workers.

Project Partners

AMS Institute