In the context of the first anniversary of the Centre for BOLD Cities, Dr Achilleas Psyllidis will be giving a talk about “Understanding and predicting urban dynamics through new forms of geo-social data: The SocialGlass system and its applications”.


When: Monday, May 29, 2017 at 14:00.
Where: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tinbergen Building, Faculty Club, Riviumzaal (17th floor) [Map].



The recent emergence of new forms of geo-social data, deriving from social media, sensors, and mobile phones, calls for an update to the methodological toolbox of social sciences. The new methods and tools need to harmonise with the inherent characteristics and challenges of the emerging data sources. This talk will demonstrate how SocialGlass, a web-based system for (real-time) urban analytics, helps improve the understanding of human dynamics in modern-day cities, by capitalising on new geo-social data and pioneering data science techniques. Emphasis will be on real-world applications, regarding social area analysis, crowd dynamics during large-scale events, and location prediction of new urban functions across different cities.

The presentation is now available on SlideShare.
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